Moving Day 101

Two People Sitting by Moving Boxes

What You Need to Know Before Your Move

Moving can be a time-consuming and stressful experience.

In order for your move to go as smoothly as possible, you should be aware of the following information about the moving process:

The Importance of Proper Packing

Proper packing by a professional moving company using specially designed moving materials and boxes is essential to a good move. For a large move, schedule packing with your moving company a day or two before your official moving day or when the moving truck is loaded. For smaller moves, such as studio apartments, your mover may be able to schedule same-day packing and moving of your items (just depends on how much you have).

If you are packing yourself, it is best not to wait last minute, as it may delay the movers from being able to load your belongings into the truck. If packing on your own, keep in mind that most movers do not usually accept liability for any damage to items packed by the owners since they cannot verify the condition your belongings were in prior to the move and/or proper packing materials were not used to prevent broken or damaged goods.

Movers Can’t Move Everything

We may be strong and fierce, but movers can’t move everything. Items such as propane tanks, gasoline, ammunition, and cleaning products are off-limits for movers due to safety reasons.

Below is a handy list of items movers can’t transport so before you start packing make sure to arrange for the safe transport of the following items:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Ammunition
  • Cleaning Products
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gasoline
  • House paints
  • Open alcohol containers
  • Open/perishable food
  • Pets (they stay with you)
  • Plants (if moving to another state or country)
  • Propane tanks
  • Welding gas
  • Moving Day

What Is a Bill of Lading?

The bill of lading you will receive on loading day is the receipt for your goods and the contract for their transportation. It is your responsibility to read the bill of lading/contract and understand it before you sign it. If you do not agree with something, talk to your moving company and do not sign it until you are satisfied that it is correct.

On Moving Day, you also want to make sure to:

  • Be at the loading location when the movers arrive
  • Discuss the delivery arrangements in detail with your driver
  • Have beds stripped from sheets and ready to be packed
  • Tell your driver how to reach you at your destination and while en route
  • Keep in close contact with the mover’s agent through the whole process, especially during transit as they may be trying to reach you or may have last-minute questions for you or traffic delays.

What Is the Delivery Process?

Make sure you are there when your items arrive. Otherwise, the movers may be forced to keep your items in storage which you will be responsible to pay. To avoid this, make sure you keep in contact with your movers throughout the moving process and provide them with several ways to contact you such as your spouse’s cell phone number, or a trusted relative.

At your new home, most movers expect to get paid what they are still owed before unloading your belongings. As the truck is being unloaded, make sure you check your belongings for damages and let the mover know if any are found.

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